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Neck Pain

Reliefeon Kit

Reliefeon kit, an OTC (Over-the-Counter) product, can be purchased without the consent of any prescribing authority.

Shoulder Pain

Reliefeon Capsule

Over time the amount of glucosamine in your body decrease.As a result Cartilage and bones may begin to scrape against each other.Joints become damaged and the lubricating synovial fluid in joint spaces may become thin and watery.

Back Pain

Reliefeon Tablets

Role of Reliefeon Tablets to maintain protect and support healthy cartilage and joint function,reduce pain inflammation,increase flexibility and mobility.

Knee Pain

Reliefeon Gel

Role of Reliefeon Gel is a herbal medicinal cream for all types of Joint pain.Reliefeon Gel is a non greasy cream which gives no irritation upon application.Being a water base natural cream

Reliefeon Kit

Arthritis affects more than 180 million people in India - prevalence higher than many well-known diseases such as diabetes, AIDS and cancer. Around 14% of the Indian population seeks a doctor's help every year for this joint disease.

There are several diseases where joint pain is primary, and is considered the main feature. Generally when a person has "arthritis" it means that they have one of these diseases, which include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout and pseudo-gout
  • Septic arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Still's disease

Complete Joint Care Solutions-
Duplex board box of Reliefeon Kit contains (1) Reliefeon 30 capsules (2) Reliefeon 30 Tablets (3) Reliefeon Gel 50 gm.

Dawaaiwala Oil

How to use?

  • Recommended Dose
  • One Capsule(Dietary Supplement).
  • One Tablet (Herbal Formulation).
  • OD(means Once daily after meal)
  • Squeeze desired amount of Reliefeon Gel on fingertip and apply on painful area gently massage on the skin until absorbed.
  • Direction for use
  • Avoid contact with eyes.Store in a cool dry place.Keep out reach of children.
  • Close the cap tightly after use.
  • Or as per directed by nutrition consultation

Benefits of Reliefeon Kit

  • Reliefeon Kit is an effective Combo Pack and provides you relief from various pain of human body.
  • The body feels more relaxed and calm.
  • Refills the joints with the synovial fluid and enables the smooth functioning of the body.
  • Reliefeon Kit is an ultimate solution for the women with back pain. Other patients with the problems like cervical spondilitis, and arthritis will definitely feel good after the use it.
  • Reliefeon kit works stupendously for the patients of cervical spondilitis and even arthritis.
  • It is safest, herbal and Dietary way to treat joint Pains and Muscles stiffness.
  • The product works faster and has no side effects.

* Note : Results may vary from person to person.

Joint Pain
Reson Pain

Reason for joint Pain

There are various occasions in life where our body tends to invite muscle or joint pains. Old age, Injuries, wrong postures or obesity are the main reasons because of which our body starts losing synovial fluid from the joints.

Types of Joint Pain


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